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Sailfish Family Spotlight - The DarConte Family

The DarConte’s Summer 2018 was one for the books, as John and Melanie DarConte found their Sailfish “Soul Mate”. Living in Beach Haven, N.J. for 20 years, the Darcontes have owned and been out on many boats. After purchasing their first Sailfish and having such a great experience, they have decided they will be part of the Sailfish Family for life!

“While my Sailfish handles better than most boats, the deeper hull also keeps everyone dry and the comfort is unmatched… I always describe it as the ‘smartest’ boat I ever experienced,” said John.


“Soul Mate” is a 2018 275DC Dual Console that is loaded with features and options that perfectly suit the DarConte family’s coastal lifestyle. While the 275DC is a great cruising boat, it has also proven to be the ideal fishing boat for them!

“The 275DC is a boat that not only my son comes fishing on, but also tempted my wife enough to fish that she came in 2nd place at the PBA Tournament for Female Anglers. It was her first striper catch ever! Now, she is totally hooked on fishing!” said John.

One day they can be sunset cruising with friends in the bay with their blue deck lights on and the music turned up. The next morning, the family can head offshore for their next big tournament catch.

“The electronics are absolutely amazing, the space is great, the storage is very smart and the wet bar with the fridge is awesome for entertaining. To add to it, the ride is so smooth. It cuts the waves with ease, it takes turns super smoothly and it handles great on rough water days,” John said.

While the 275DC’s fishing performance is superior, it’s the family amenities that the DarContes find most appealing.

“While the action is great, my most ideal day is packing the fridge with wine and cheese, heading to Great Bay and anchoring in the middle of the water. We love to just hang out with my family. We swim, take in the sun, tube, eat and even enjoy a nap on our 275DC.”


Just like the rest of the Sailfish Family, the DarContes are daydreaming of Summer 2019 to make more memories in the sun with their Sailfish “Soul Mate”.

Sailfish Family Spotlight - The DarConte Family

Posted:13/10/2023 09:31AM

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